Director's Message


 "It shouldn't matter how slowly a child learns as long as we are encouraging them not to stop"

Robert John Meehan- American educator and writer.


The journey of learning continues at Creative Children International School. I welcome our returning and new students to travel with us in the academic year of 2019-20, where we can grow academically, develop a positive mindset and acquire skills that prepare us for the challenges in life. Parents, we are pleased to be able to support your wards in this voyage and welcome you to partner with us in learning together.

A special welcome to new students joining us this year. Creative Children International School offers a warm and caring environment where learning is fun and interesting. As a school we provide a number of strong programs which not only develops Literacy and Maths but also imparts strong life skills which becomes the basic tools and indicators for future success.

Our teachers are qualified professionals who spend time and effort to effectively deliver the curriculum to our students. It is important that students also spend time developing good work habits which will help them do well at school and at home. We welcome parents to meet with your children's teachers who can support you with understanding school expectations, ensure that your child is in school daily on time and that he/she completes all assigned work in an optimal manner.

The school Principal, the therapists and specialist teachers are happy to provide additional support should your child need it. The process of effective learning needs a strong partnership between the home and school- please join us in building this collaboration.

I wish the community of CCIS a happy and fulfilling year.


K.O. Mathew