Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

As principal of Creative Children International School, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school website and we thank you for taking the time to visit.  We hope to provide you with some useful information about our school and to give you an insight into the wealth of experiences we offer our students. 

At Creative Children International School, we endeavor to provide each student with a curriculum which both challenges and inspires them to reach their individual potential. We also stress on the importance of using suitable assessments that will allow us to build a realistic and coherent IEP which in turn will guide the students through their learning path.

I am immensely proud of the professionalism, dedication and teamwork of our staff who ensure an excellent education for all our students in a caring and supportive environment.  Recently introduced structures such as the sensory room, sand & water areas, in conjunction with an already well-established TEACCH & Montessori programs enable us to promote an environment where the emotional, behavioral and educational needs of our students can be supported in a positive and reassuring way.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our website and should you have any concerns, kindly do not hesitate to contact me through the following email:

We wish all our students a successful academic year 2019-2020



Mrs. Karima I. Zaidane

School Principal