Teacher Portal
Creative Children International School is a special needs school catering to children with different individual strengths and learning needs. Each class has a trained special needs educator and an assistant teacher. They are further supported by a psychologist, a full complement of therapists (speech, occupational and physiotherapists) besides a PE teacher, Arabic and Islamic teachers, nurse and social worker.
A wide range of resources are used in the school such as Ginn, Harcourt, Houghton Mifflin etc. to support the learning needs of our students. We use Brigance to prepare IEPs and monitor student learning. We also use Portage to help our younger students learn better while working collaboratively with parents so that students can learn at home too.
We believe that teachers are more successful when administrators have a more involved and supportive leadership style. The Principal and Unit Heads work collaboratively to support teachers providing adequate direction, guidance and modeling of instructional practices.
Head of Department Role
Each unit in the school is led by an experienced teacher, who is the Unit Head and acts as a link between each department and the administration. They are responsible for regular follow-up within all unit classrooms ensuring that the curriculum, school policies and educational programs are all being implemented appropriately. They also support teachers with lesson planning, curriculum implementation, IEPs, report cards, student issues/ discipline and addressing parent concerns.
Various committees are organized at the beginning of each academic year, for which each staff member is committed to supporting. The following are the committees at CCIS:
  • Curriculum
  • Professional Development
  • Special Events
  • Safety
  • Social Committees.