Specialists Department

A group of professional specialists are selected to use their finest expertise to complement the childrens academic education with programs mainly Physical education and Computer education programs.

Psychology Department

An experienced Psychologist provides therapy to students. Drama therapy, play therapy and direct observation are the techniques the psychologist adopt.

Occupational Therapy Department

Every child is assessed and given an individualized therapy plan. It includes various academic and fun activities that aims to enhance the fine motor skills (hand written skills, eye hand coordination, motor planning), perception skills (auditory perception and visual perception), sensory integration skills, social interaction and communication skills.

Physical Therapy Department

Physical therapy increases motion and strength and most importantly, restores muscle function. It helps develop physical fitness in our children through effective stretches and physical workouts that enhance their balance, coordination and movement.

Speech Therapy Department

Our speech therapists helps in developing children's speech and language skills. We give children intense care so that they are able to express themselves through vocabulary, sounds and communication.