Registration Requirements
It is our goal to place each child in the program that best suits his/ her needs and abilities. We aim to provide tailored programs for our students that allow them to feel good about themselves, their abilities, and to grow with support. Our school psychologist and professional team of teachers provide academic and behavioral assessments for students who are interested in joining Creative Children International School. These assessments are based on observational anecdotes and standardized academic testing. Previous school records are also beneficial in helping to know the child's past performance, strengths and weaknesses.
Admission depends solely upon successful assessment results and the availability of a place in the program or the class that best match the students educational and/or emotional needs. Once the student has been accepted, parents will be contacted and informed about the outcome of the admission assessment and the status of the students' pending application.
Even though students age may vary slightly in a given grade, students may be older than the minimum age cited by the ministry of education but they must not be younger.
Admission criteria:
Age of admission: 4 - 12 years
Student disabilities accepted at CCIS:
  •         Autism
  •         Down Syndrome
  •         Mental Retardation
  •         Speech Delay
  •         Developmental Delay
Documentation required completing registration procedures are as follows:
  •         Copy of the Civil ID for the Student
  •         Copy of the Civil ID for the Father
  •         Copy of the Civil ID for the Mother
  •         Copy of the Birth Certificate
  •         Copy of the passport for the Student (with copy of the residency page for the father & the student)
  •         Medical reports
  •         Medical Card
  •         6 passport photos
  •         Previous School reports
  •         Latest address and contact details of parents/ guardians
Kindly submit your application to the school secretary.
 1. Physical, visual or auditory disabilities are not accepted at CCIS.
 2. The admission process is complete once all the documents are compiled.